About Us


The Arab Foundation for training, consultancy and arbitration is one of the leading institution in providing consultancy services and training,
Where it operates according to the international quality system within the international standards of ISO 9001 – 2015
Our foundation has a certificate international quality ISO 9001-2015

Our Mission

AFACT Mission

Throughout the growth of technology and the revolution of information and communication during the third millennium.
The Arab organizations and business Corporations had to perform efficient developing strategies and successful training programs
In order to influence their interpersonal and institutional skills.
AFACT as the (Arab house of excellence & creativity) provides those needs through its skilled experts and advisory boards, and focuses on delivering expertise and innovative skills and providing knowledge to human resources as the real wealth for economic social development.

Our Vision

AFCT vision

In the Era of advanced technology and informatics - communication revolution plus the globalization, challenge in front of Arabic institutions and business organizations is massive therefor strategic plans must be developed and effective training programs to the staff and administration in order to enhance their managerial abilities through modern ways and administration techniques in addition of advisory services those Arabic entities need and that is what our establishment (AL Bait AL Araby for excellence and creativity) provide through our experts, professional advisors and our activities that satisfy this Era demands.

Quality Policy

The Arab Foundation for Training, Consultancy and Arbitration is committed to achieving quality training and consultancy services in an effective manner that satisfies its customers and interested parties in accordance with the legislation in force and takes into account the external and internal factors affecting the work of the institution through adopting a quality management system that conforms to the quality requirements in accordance with (ISO 9001:2015) and improve it constantly.

AFACT quality-policy

In order to achieve this message the establishment seeks to:

Adopting the latest basics, scientific ways, techniques and applying them on business organizations in the Arabic establishments (governmental and private) to enhance their performance.
Applying modern methods and approaches to enhance human resources performance and efficiency.
Working on the transformation of establishments and business enterprises from paper system to digital system.
Introducing training courses, holding seminars and advanced workshops to enhance the efficiency of human resources performance of different enterprises and organizations.
Conversion of governmental managements to digital managements using advanced information technology.
Providing consulting (Technical and administrative) to solve administrative issues.
Helping organizations to develop strategic plans and how to apply and correct them.

Our Services