Training - AFACT


Training programs are professional and up-to-date in manner that unleashes the power and potential of the people in their organizations for the common good.
All the programs provided are designed to reach far beyond the training event and to impact business results. Instead of using traditional training processes,
They utilize activities that significantly increase the likelihood that all learners will apply their new learning on the job. A fact gives considerable attention.

AFACT offers a number of conferences seminars and workshops
(Administrative & technical) using the latest up-to-date training and
Educational methods and equipment to fulfill its roles in developing the management.

Each group of coherent and related training programs leads to a professional diploma in a certain specialization, through a cooperation agreement with Uni- versiti Industri Selangon (Unisel)- Malaysia.

Contractual programs refer to those programs covering the same subjects of the usual training programs with special rearrangement of the contents in order to fit the organization need.